1025 Lost & Found

Policy Number 1025
Effective Date: April 23, 2021
Subject: Lost and Found


To ensure uniform handling of lost, found and unclaimed items.


Chesapeake Public Library is not responsible for the security of personal items brought into any library facility. Lost, found and unclaimed items are managed in accordance with the following guidelines:

Food, Beverage & Personal Care Items

  • Food and beverages, including baby bottles and other containers, and personal care items will be disposed of immediately.

Identification, Credit/Bank, Membership & Library Cards

  • Driver's Licenses, Government and Military Issued IDs, Passports, Social Security cards, employee badges, membership and loyalty cards are kept in a secure location for 30 days.
  • Staff may attempt to contact the owner or to ascertain ownership, if possible.
  • Unclaimed items will be shredded or returned to the issuing authority if mandated.
  • Library Cards
  • Staff will attempt to contact the owner of the Library card. A note will be placed in the customer account regarding the lost card. Unclaimed cards will be expired and destroyed after 30 days.

Keys, Wallets, Backpacks, Bags, Purses, Electronic Devices (Including Tablets, Laptops) & Phones

  • Items will be kept in a secure location.
  • Staff may search through contents or attempt to log in to devices in order to ascertain ownership, and if possible contact the customer. Search may be conducted by building supervisor or member of building leadership team.
  • Items unclaimed after 30 days will be transferred to Chesapeake Police Department when accepted.

Flash Drives

  • Flash drives left in the Library will be held for 30 days.
  • Library staff may access data saved on flash drives to determine ownership, and if determination is possible, attempt to contact customer. After 30 days, files will be deleted and flash drives repurposed.


  • Documents, including checks or money orders, left in Library copy machines, scanners, FAX machines, books, or in common areas will be kept in a secure location for 30 days then shredded.
  • Staff may attempt to contact the owner or to ascertain ownership.


  • Non-library books that were placed in book drops are assumed to have been donations and may be given without a wait to the Friends of the Chesapeake Public Library.
  • Books belonging to other libraries or institutions will be shipped directly to those institutions.


  • Found loose money of $19.99 or less will be deposited into the Library Donation account.
  • Found loose Money turned into staff in the amount of $20 or more will be transferred to the Chesapeake Police Department by Library staff on or after being held for 3 days. Customers can inquire with the Chesapeake Police Department Property and Evidence Unit about the claimed status of the money.

Miscellaneous Items

  • All other items such as umbrellas, hats, scarves, jackets, etc., will be stored in a secure location for 30 days. Staff may attempt to ascertain ownership of the items and contact when possible.
  • Staff have the discretion to immediately discard items which are soiled or unhygienic.
  • Items not claimed within 30 days become Library property and will then be donated or discarded.