1019 Library Photo, Video & Audio Recordings

Policy Number 1019
Effective Date: February 1, 2019
Subject: Library Photo, Video and Audio Recording


To clarify guidelines and expectations for creating photo, video and audio records involving Chesapeake Public Library.


Chesapeake Public Library welcomes the opportunity to be featured in commercial productions. Any recordings intended for publication or promotional use require written permission from the Library Director. Chesapeake Public Library reserves the right to approve final content for anything in which the Library or its property will appear, either by name or visual representation. Upon approval of the request, fee and scheduling will be determined.

Professional Use

Professional recordings are permitted provided the creation of such recordings does not infringe on the privacy of another patron, disrupt Library services, or block the flow of traffic.

Media & Press Use

All public spaces are open to the media at all times. Notice of the intent to film is requested but not required.

Unless notified in advance, staff must report the arrival of media at a library location to Library Administration, immediately.

Personal Use

Patrons are encouraged to take photos and videos of the memories made at Chesapeake Public Library. By sharing content on Chesapeake Public Library's Social Media pages, patrons grant the City of Chesapeake, including all its departments and agencies, a non-exclusive license to use, copy, store, republish, display, edit, modify or create derivative works of your photographs/videos in any form or medium, forever, without any further approval by you and without payment or consideration to you of any kind.

Library Use

In order to report past and future experiences to patrons, Chesapeake Public Library staff and representatives may create recordings that include participants and Library visitors. The Library reserves the right to use these records in print and digital materials, as well as make them available to media outlets and event participants.

All library patrons consent to the use of their likeness as described, unless they specifically inform staff of an objection to such use. To protect the privacy of individuals and children, individuals will not be identified using full names without written approval from the subject, parent or legal guardian.

Prior to taking photos, staff will post the following notice to Library visitors:

Smile! Chesapeake Public Library may take photos or recordings of Library visitors. These recordings help us show the community what the Library is doing. Individuals will not be identified using full names without written approval. If you prefer to not be photographed, please see a staff member.

Staff will honor all reasonable requests by patrons to delete or remove images and recordings.