1013 Library Volunteers

Policy Number 1013
Effective Date: February 1, 2019
Updated: March 21, 2022
Subject: Library Volunteers


To provide volunteer services which are a means by which the Library extends and enhances services to customers. The Library has historically benefited from considerable voluntary donations of time and resources by individuals and groups. The purposes of the volunteer services program is to:

  1. Supplement the efforts of paid Library staff to meet demands for quality customer service;
  2. Serve as a method for patrons to become familiar with the Library;
  3. Provide an opportunity for patrons to volunteer and make positive contributions to their quality of life; and
  4. Provide teens an opportunity to develop skills transferable to an employment environment.


The volunteer program is not intended to replace paid City positions, but rather will supplement the efforts of City employees in the delivery of services to our patrons. The Library will actively recruit, use and recognize the services of volunteers. Volunteers will be selected and placed in jobs that best meet the needs of the Library, the volunteers and the patrons.

All volunteers 18 and older are required to have a State Criminal History Record (police) check. Volunteers will be subject to all applicable rules and regulations that govern paid employees. Library employees may not volunteer with the Library.

Students leaving 8th grade may apply to volunteer individually through the Teen Volunteer Application. Younger students may volunteer as part of a group, but must provide their own adult supervision. One adult per eight children is required for group volunteers. Students leaving 5th grade may apply to volunteer individually through the Teen Library Council (TLC) Application.