1012 Mobile & Outreach Services

Policy Number 1012
Effective Date: February 1, 2019
Updated: May 25, 2022
Subject: Mobile and Outreach Services


To increase awareness of Library programs and services as well as reaching underserved communities. Outreach services are provided by all Library locations through the coordinated effort of the Outreach staff. Outreach Services strive to create consistency of programming across Chesapeake, strengthen existing partnerships, create new partnerships and increase visibility of Library services.

Outreach services focus on the following types of services:

  1. Early Literacy Classes (Storytime Visits)
    1. To qualify Childcare Centers must be licensed and have at least 15 children ages 3-5 enrolled.
    2. Outreach will provide a maximum of 1 site visit per month, lasting no more than 4 hours.
    3. Centers with Institutional cards can keep a collection of 30 charged items for up to 5 weeks.
    4. Theme books will be provided as available.
  2. School Visits
    1. To qualify, locations must be a public school, licensed private facility, school group or community organization that will have a minimum of 15 participants for a planned event.
    2. Events may be requested as a one-time event or a series as staff availability permits.
    3. Visits will be limited to 1 site visit per month, lasting no more than 4 hours. However, larger groups may provide a staff member to shadow. Outreach staff and retain any supplies and equipment used during the visits to allow for greater student exposure.
  3. Community Engagement Service
    1. The event must provide a service or enrichment to the citizens of Chesapeake.
      1. Free community events will take priority over ticketed events.
      2. Ticketed events cannot use the Library as part of their solicitation.
      3. Stops that are along current routes may be given priority.
    2. Sufficient staff and resources must be available.
    3. Locations should allow cellular equipment and other independent electronic equipment to operate consistently.
    4. Staff will coordinate to avoid duplication of services provided by other Library locations.
    5. There must be room to maneuver and park the MEs to provide service.
    6. Events will be evaluated on how they reflect on the mission of Outreach Services and the staffing and resources required to provide the service.
  4. Book Deposits
    1. To qualify, locations must agree to provide library materials, free of charge to residents and visitors in a highly visible and clearly labeled location.
    2. Outreach staff will provide library books and other materials for residents and guests to enjoy on a monthly basis, rotating new materials into the collection at each visit.
  5. Virtual Visits
    1. Similar to school visits, Outreach staff are available to provide instruction on library digital resources and general library information via Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meets, or other e-meeting applications.

Requests can be made through the following link: 

Outreach Request