1008 Technology & Equipment

Policy Number 1008
Effective Date: February 1, 2019
Subject: Technology and Equipment


To ensure responsible handing of library equipment and to provide a comfortable environment for all patrons while making use of technology and other library equipment.


Use of limited Library equipment, i.e. fax, copiers, is limited to 15 minutes if others are waiting.

Copiers - Copiers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Copies are.20 per page for black and white and.35 per page for color.

Computers - Computers are available for all patrons with a CPL card or with a guest pass.

  • Patrons can log in with their card or request a guest pass at any service desk.
  • Patrons may use the computer for two hour increments with a maximum of four logins per day.
  • If no one is waiting, patrons may sign up for back-to-back computer sessions.
  • Staff can provide assistance with machines, but do not provide in-depth instruction.
  • Printing charges are the same as copier fees.

Typewriters - Typewriters are available at some Library locations. Reservations are encouraged. Arriving fifteen minutes after a reservation may result in a cancellation, and time limits may be imposed, if other patrons need to use the typewriter. Patrons must bring their own supplies.

Microfilm/fiche Readers - Central Library provides microfilm/fiche readers/printers. Staff will provide instruction on use. Copy fees are the same rates as copier fees.

Audiovisual Equipment - AV equipment will not be checked out to the general public or to organizations for use outside the Library. Patrons are permitted in-house use of AV equipment when equipment and space are available. Equipment will be based on availability at each location. Patrons are encouraged to call in advance to ensure availability.

Fax Machines - Fax machines are available at no cost for sending documents. Faxes cannot be sent internationally. Patrons cannot receive faxes at the Library.

Personal Equipment - Patrons may use personal equipment in the Library, provided its use does not constitute a safety hazard or nuisance to other patrons or staff, and provided there is ample space for its use.

  • Equipment using sound, including phones, must be kept at a volume that does not disturb others, or headphones must be used. Phone conversations must be kept to a volume that does not disturb other patrons.
  • Equipment that requires special arrangements must be approved by the Library Manager.